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About us



We are a Colombian Company founded on August 27, 2020. With little experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2, we also gladly accept users from other countries. We seek above all a union between users where there is fun, respect, companionship and desire to entertain us. We make Convoys within large organizations of Latin American and International companies. We also make Official and/or internal Convoys where organization or order is our main priority. These Convoys take place every week. (Schedules will be given according to your country).

Colombian Logistics is a VTC very different from the rest. We are a community that strives above all to have fun and make all our drivers happy, because everything we do we do for it and we strive to move the company forward because besides considering ourselves a VTC we are a family, which over the years continues to grow, we receive requests from all over the world to come and work with us.

But why? Well, here we help our Drivers in whatever they need, and we do monthly raffles for those who strive to stand out from the rest. We always value our drivers because we are a great team and our goal is to remain united. We hope to grow a lot as we strengthen our community.

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This is a Colombian company and in the last year has been one of the companies that offers more truck driver jobs. An opportunity to hit the road to return to the best routes that we can see in Euro as in American. In addition, there is work for virtually every truck driver profile you can imagine. Every truck driver can have the chance to get back on the road with COL VTC A company dedicated to logistics and that has a 24 hour service 365 days a year, to meet the needs of all its customers.





El Kees CEO and Founder

Daniexvi CEO

El Memo CEO