Colombian Logistics | About US

Colombian Logistics is a VTC very different from the rest. We are a community that strives above all to have fun and make all our drivers happy, because everything we do we do for it and we strive to move the company forward because besides considering ourselves a VTC we are a family, which over the years continues to grow, we receive requests from all over the world to come and work with us.

Our Partner Requirements

Commit With Us

We care a lot about this point and we are looking for committed partners with good interests.

+15 TMP Members

It is important to us that our partners are of high renown, which is why we ask for this point.

Attendance at our monthly event

Our monthly event is the most important event for us and we ask for your assistance in this one.

Announce the Association

You should advertise our partnership in TMP, TB Social Networks and others.

Land FreightLeaders in our Discord

Communication is important to us so you should join our discord (your senior leaders and managers).

Other Requirements

Other requirements: Follow our events channel, Add our Discord bot (Currently in Development) where you will notify with a command of our events and other things, Follow our social networks, Agree to have your logo published on our website, These requirements can obviously change with prior notice and without taking out current partners.

Are you interested in?

If you are interested in becoming our partner you can contact us on discord or by email, our PR team will make a quick inspection and decide.